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A volte un vincitore è soltanto un sognatore che non si è mai arreso. (Jim Morrison)

I’m currently leading a change in the sales channel of Cardo Systems in Italy, working as Country Manager Italy and the Balkans. Cardo Systems is the world’s market leader in Bluetooth, DMC, and entertainment systems for motorcycle riders.

Throughout my career I took on many different roles in sales, from Store Manager in a Motorcycle Shop in Rome to Emea Sales Manager for the worldwide leading brands in motorcycle accessories Givi, Kappa and Hevik; where I lead a team of 20 Sales Agents and over 3.000 clients. Being creative, I’m always heavily involved in the development of new products and worldwide marketing strategies, all supported by a natural aptitude for data analysis.

I consider myself a very open-minded, communicative person who loves working in international environments. I find it very enjoyable to empathise with different personalities and cultures always creating great relationships with whomever I’m working with. Companies are made by people, therefore people are some of the most important assets a brand can offer, and this applies also to the relationship with the customer.

I enjoy solving problems, I’m goal driven, a positive thinker and very adaptable to different situations; in my past professional experience I also worked as Area Manager, Export Manager, with a period of time living and working in the UK to perfect my language skills. I firmly believe that learning is a process that never stops.


EMEA Sales Manager
Brescia, Lombardia, Italia 
apr 2016 - mag 2021

Management and coordination of a sales network of 20 agents. Development of both sales and marketing strategies. Research and
analysis of motorcycle's market. Sales network widening and direct management of Key Clients. Sales Budget Drafting. Organization of
exhibitions and events. Research and development for new products in collaboration with Product Managers.

Export Manager - Area Manager
Brescia, Lombardia, Italia 
ott 2008 - apr 2016

Sales Manager and Commercial Consultant for the Lazio area of Italy, Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa. I was involved in the expansion of the company’s sales network both in Lazio and in the Export sector, through which I have obtained key collaborations for the company while reaching sales targets. I was actively involved in marketing and in the development of new products. I also organised large scale sales events and product exhibitions.

Waiter - Head Waiter

My duties included management of staff, client service and handling of the till. I achieved my goal of advancing my English language skills for future business endeavours.


Xebir Srls
PMI Disciplined Agile Scrum Master - 2021

Luiss Business School
 - 2019


Sono appassionato di musica e suono il basso in una band romana

Adoro viaggiare, tra le mie esperienze giovanili c'è anche l'aver fatto l'artista di strada.

Adoro le moto con le quali mi diverto sia in pista che nel moto-turismo

Sono un appassionato di fotografia.

Sono un karateka cintura nera 3° DAN, con un soddisfacente passato agonistico giovanile.

Ecco i risultati ottenuti nelle gare più importanti.

Gara Categoria Risultato
XXXIII European Wado Cup - Skopje Macedonioa - 29 ottobre 2005 +80kg Medaglia di Bronzo
XXXIII European Wado Cup - Skopje Macedonioa - 29 ottobre 2005 Squadre Medaglia di Bronzo
Campionato Italiano Juniores - Loano (SV) - 15 novembre 2003 80 Kg Jun Medaglia di Bronzo
Regionali Lazio Cadetti - Ferentino (FR) - 26 ottobre 2003 +75 Kg Cad Medaglia d'Oro
Regionali Lazio Juniores - Civitavecchia - 12 ottobre 2003 80 Kg Jun Medaglia d'Oro
4° Open d'Italia - Milano - 23 Marzo 2003 +75 Kg Cad Medaglia di Bronzo
13th Karate Project Trophy - Venice Cup - Noale (VE) 8 Dicembre 2002 +75 Kg Cad Medaglia d'Oro
Regionali Lazio Cadetti - Ostia (RM) 2-3 Novembre 2002 +75 Kg Cad Medaglia d'Oro
Internazionale di San Marino - Rep. di San MArino 11-13 Ottobre 2002 +75 Kg Cad Medaglia d'Argento
4° Trofeo Fiamme Gialle - Maggio 2002 75 Kg Cad Medaglia d'Oro
3° Trofeo Fiamme Gialle - 1 dicembre 2001 75 Kg Cad Medaglia d'Oro
Regionali Lazio Cadetti - Ostia 5 maggio 2001 75 Kg Cad Medaglia d'Argento
Coppa Lazio - 1 aprile 2001 75 Kg Cad Medaglia d'Argento

Per chiudere... mi piace il buon mangiare e il buon bere, vivo al 50% in campagna, dove mi rigenero coltivando il mio uliveto. Sono inoltre tifoso irriducibile di Valentino Rossi, quindi non parlate con me di Campioni di motociclismo.